What Mic Does Sodapoppin Use And How Do You Get His Amazing Sound?

This is Sodapoppin's mic. Sodapoppin live streaming on Twitch with his SM7B

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So, we want to replicate Sodapoppin’s sound. Well, how do we do that? First things first, we need to match his input sound as close as possible. We need to find Sodapoppin’s mic. Soda uses an SM7B and the YAMAHA MG10XU Mixer. We need at least the SM7B and a good audio interface like the Scarlet Solo. If we use the Scarlet Solo and the SM7B, we should be able to replicate his sound. Luckily, with today’s technology, we can finish the processing in post, and we don’t necessarily need the mixer for EQ or compression. So, once you have these two gadgets plugged in and ready to go, we’re going to use OBS filters to make this microphone sound awesome. Because, the SM7B sounds really incredible with some processing applied.

Adding Some Post-Processing

EQ graph of Sodapoppin's mic settings

First thing we’re going to do is launch OBS and make the Scarlet Solo our default Mic. Once we have done that, we’re going to apply some filters to it. So, in order to match Sodapoppin’s sound we need to apply a good low-cut filter. After listening to Soda’s voice we don’t hear a lot of low end in it. It could be his voice, but we believe he has a large low-cut filter as the SM7B has a lot of bass. So, what we did was apply a low-cut at around 150hz. After that, we are going to boost the high end with a shelf for about 5db at 8000hz. We found that these EQ settings work quite nice and really make the voice pop just like Sodas.

The Sodapoppin Compressor

Compression settings for Sodapoppin's sound

The next step is to add some compression. When you listen to Soda’s voice he doesn’t sound like a radio personality or a DJ. So, we want to go for a medium amount of compression, nothing too insane. Compression is a very confusing topic and you may not want to copy my settings exactly as we could be working with different volume levels. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want around 3-4db of compression.

Optional De-esser

An optional de-esser to finalize Soda's sound

The last optional step is to add a de-esser and a gate. Add a de-esser if you have one because it helps tame those harsh frequencies. We really like Wave’s de-esser or Fabfilter’s de-esser. Also, gates are very difficult to setup and if you’re not sure what you’re doing, we wouldn’t add one to your processing chain. Nothing is more annoying to your listeners if your audio is cutting in and out while you are talking. If you do set one up, you shouldn’t need to go crazy with the gate as the SM7B picks up very little room noise.

Is The SM7B Right For You

The SM7B is a fantastic sounding mic and we really recommend trying it out because the sound is so direct and it is perfect for streaming. This processing chain will take you a long way as the SM7B is one of the best mics at taking processing. The SM7B is a very good mic and it’s used by so many others such as Joe Rogan. The SM7B is a great option for a lot of people who want an incredible sound without having to get room treatment. The SM7B is one of our favorite mics for recording in a noisy live environment. Thanks for reading and we hope you were able to replicate Soda’s sound. Until next time! Check out our news page here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer