Do You Need A Cloudlifter With The SM7B?

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Do you really need a Cloudlifter with the SM7B? It depends on how good your preamps are on your audio interface. If your using a Scarlet Solo or something similar you may need a Cloudlifter depending on how loud you talk. A Cloudlifter will introduce 25 dB of clean gain which will be more than enough when paired with something like a Scarlet Solo. However, if you are forking out the money for a Cloudlifter, we really recommend spending a little bit more and getting a DBX 286s if you can afford it. The DBX 286s is a channel strip that has onboard processing for your audio so you can apply effects in real-time. It can be really useful for certain applications.

Why The DBX 286s

Unlike the Cloudlifter, the DBX 286s will allow you to apply processing in real-time to your SM7B. The DBX 286s not only has clean gain, but it also has compression, EQ, dessing, and a gate. You get all of these extra settings for only $50 more than the Cloudlifter. If the DBX 286s is out of your budget, the Cloudlifter will still work great. The DBX 286s just has some really nice features that take the SM7B to the next level. If you don’t plan on streaming or you can wait to process your audio after you’ve recorded, then you might not need the DBX 286s. We find that the DBX 286s is only worth it if you need to process your audio in real-time.

Which One Should I Get

It really depends on if you need to process your audio in real-time. If you don’t mind processing your audio later in your DAW then we would recommend getting the Cloudlifter because it’s cheaper. However, if you plan on streaming, or doing something that requires your audio to be processed on the go, then we recommend getting the DBX 286s. The DBX 286s will give you clean gain and it will give you all those extra processing options. Either option is going to give you clean gain, so its up to you whether or not real-time processing is going to be needed. Thanks for reading! Cheers! Check out our other news articles here! P.S. Check out the DBX 286s in action down below!

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer