What Headset Does NickMercs Use?

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What headset does NickMercs use? NickMercs uses the ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset, The ASTRO A50 is a high quality gaming headset that is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The headphones are primarily designed for gaming and feature excellent audio and extreme comfort. The design of the headphones is incredible. The headphones have so many cool features such as a flip to mute microphone. But, let’s dive in a little bit deeper and see why these headphones are so fantastic.

Incredible ASTRO Sound

The Astro A50 Headphones have an incredible sound. These headphones utilize a technology called ASTRO Audio V2 which is an immersive audio experience. Also, the ASTRO Audio V2 delivers an incredibly balanced sound. So, dialogue and sound effects are clear and detailed. Nothing sounds muddy at all. We were very surprised at how good these headphones sounded. They not only sounded good for gaming, but they also sounded good on other sources such as music. Additionally, the bass response is great and it can even be adjusted through software. This leads us to the next great thing about these headphones.

ASTRO Command Center Software

The ASTRO A50 comes with some pretty awesome software. This software is called ASTRO command Center. The ASTRO command center allows you to adjust your audio in real time. Inside this software, you can apply adjustments to the EQ. So, this allows you to create custom EQ profiles that you can access whenever you want. Want to add some more bass to your headphones? With the ASTRO command center, you can do this very easily. Creating your own EQ profile is pretty simple and the software is pretty well designed.

Should You Buy The ASTRO A50 Headphones

The ASTRO A50 headphones are a great pair of headphones. So, should you try them out? We certainly believe so. Whether you’re looking for a gaming headset or not, these headphones sound fantastic. We were huge fans of how easy the software is to use and how great the audio fidelity is. Additionally, these headphones will likely last you a very long time. We recommend these headphones to people who are looking to upgrade to a high quality headset with no compromises. The ASTRO A50’s sound amazing and we think many gamers will appreciate the sleek look and sound of these headphones. Thanks for reading. We hope this helps. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer