What Mic Does Disguised Toast Use? How To Get His Remarkable Sound?

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Alright, many of you know Disguised Toast has a fantastic sound so we’re going to dive right in and show you what mic he uses and what his processing chain might look like. So, what mic is Disguised Toast using? Disguised Toast uses the legendary SM7B which is also used by so many other great streamers like AdmiralBahroo. Disguised Toast became famous by making Among Us videos and in most of his videos you see him using this exact mic! The SM7B is probably one of the most used mics in the world for streaming and podcasting. It’s reputation is really insane and it’s for good reason. This mic just sounds awesome on the voice and with some processing we can really take it to the next level. So, with that being said, we are going to show you how Disguised Toast processes his SM7B so we can match his sound exactly.

Setting Up The Disguised Toast Noise Gate

The first thing we’re going to do is add a noise gate to our chain. We’re noticing that Disguised Toast has a relatively quite room to begin with, but there may be some noise being filtered out. So we’re going to apply a very minimal noise gate and use mild settings. We don’t want to be too aggressive at all here because Disguised Toast has a pretty natural sound. For now, we’re just removing the background noise when we are not talking. So, just play around with that threshold setting until you get something that sounds natural. We really want to keep that threshold very low. Gates are probably one of the hardest things to setup up because so much of it depends on your proximity to the mic and how much gain you are using. The most important setting is threshold and the range so play around with these until you are cutting out the background noise without interfering with your voice.

The Disguised Toast EQ Settings

The next thing we’re going to add is some of our Disguised Toast EQ. We’re not hearing tons of processing going on here. There are no crazy effects happening. So, first, we used a high pass filter at around 130hz. This will take out some of the bad low end out of our voice and make us sound clearer. The SM7B picks up an extreme amount of low end especially if you are right on the mic. So we’re going to take most of the muddiness out. If you are further away from you SM7B you might not want to cut out as much low end. But, typically, you do want to be right on the mic for the best sound. And lastly, we added a high shelf of 3.5dB at 8500hz. Overall, this makes our sound tight, with a good amount of low end, and a nice shine on the top end. Again, you might not have to take out as much low end as we did, but when we use the SM7B we are right on the mic so we are picking up a lot of that low end and it was just sounding overwhelming to our ears. You should be able to get a good sound with this EQ if you are right on top of the mic. If you are further from the mic then we would recommend using a 80hz low cut filter.

Adding The Disguised Toast Compression

Alright, now that the EQ is done we’re going to add some compression. Once again, Disguised Toast has a natural sound so we’re not trying to go crazy here. What we’re trying to do is tame our volume so no crazy peaks are happening. We’re applying about 4dB of gain reduction with a ratio of 3:1. This is going to compress our audio levels so that when we have a gamer rage moment we don’t completely destroy our viewers ears. We find that this gives us a very natural sound without being too radio sounding. You have to really listen for the compressor to see if its there and that is a good sign because that is exactly what we are going for.

A Little Extra “Toast”

The final step for the Disguised Toast sound is to add an optional de-esser. The de-esser will tame a lot of the harsh frequencies that we added in the upper end. This will make our s’s sound less harsh and everything will just gel together more. This last step is completely optional as we understand that most people do not own a de-esser. But, you can find EQs, Noise Gates, and Compressors for free online. OBS even has most of these plugins included for free that will accomplish the same thing we did here. Just use our methods we discussed and apply them using the built-in OBS filters. As we mentioned, this last step is optional and you might not even need to de-ess if you have good technique or don’t have much silibance in your voice.

The Bread Is Toasted!

We just replicated Disguised Toast’s sound! Time for some Among Us videos? This one was fun to do and we believe that we came pretty close to his overall sound. Disguised Toast has an excellent sound and many of his Among Us videos use the SM7B and it is the current mic he is using now. Previously, Disguised Toast used a RØDE Procaster but it seems he no longer prefers that mic and now he uses the SM7B. It seems that the SM7B is really the holy grail of mics and many streamers see it as their “forever” mic. That may be because the SM7B sounds so good and it is super reliable. What’s also great about the SM7B is it has incredible resale value so if you don’t like the mic for whatever reason many people are looking to buy it off of you for a very good price. Thanks for hanging around. Cheers and have a lovely day. Buy Disguised Toast’s mic here. And, check out our other news stories here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer