What Mic Does Mizkif Use? How To Get His Fantastic Sound?

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Mizkif is one of the more popular streamers around these days and some people are wondering what mic he uses. Currently, Mizkif is using an RE-20 as his primary mic. The RE-20 is one of the most famous radio mics in the world and it is used by practically every radio station that has ever existed. It’s really that popular. Other streamers and entertainers also use this renowned mic such as Ellohime. We don’t believe Mizkif is applying much processing to his sound but he is using some techniques to make his sound unique. We’re going to dive in a bit and show you how to achieve his sound using the RE-20.

Mic Positioning Is Key Here

So, in order to get Mizkif’s sound, you have to position your mic correctly. Although, we don’t necessarily agree with using the RE-20 this way, Mizkif positions the mic very far away from his face. This is mainly done because he normally has multiple people in the same room talking on his stream with him and by placing the mic further away, he is able to capture everyone’s voices. It looks to be about 3-5 feet away from his face so if you are trying to replicate his sound you would need to place the mic about 4 feet away from your face. We really recommend using this mic closer to your face as that will allow for the best possible sound without picking up too much background noise. However, it is all preference and you may use the mic to achieve whatever sound you desire.

Setting Up The Mizkif EQ

We’re going to add a very simple EQ because we don’t believe that Mizkif is processing his sound too much. So, we added a low cut at 65hz this will help take a lot of the low rumble out of the room that you are recording in. This is just to clean up the sound a bit. We listened to Mizkif’s sound and it doesn’t sound like he is boosting any frequencies so we just cleaned up our low end a bit. This will make our audio sound more polished for the listeners.

Adding The Mizkif Compression

Alright, now that the EQ is done we’re going to add some compression. Once again, Mizkif has a natural sound so we’re not trying to go crazy here. What we’re trying to do is tame our volume so no crazy peaks are happening. I’m applying about 2dB of gain reduction with a ratio of 2:1. This is going to compress our audio levels so that when we have a gamer rage moment we don’t completely destroy our viewers ears. We find that this gives us a very natural sound without being too radio sounding. You have to really listen for the compressor to see if its there and that is a good sign because that is exactly what we are going for.

An Interesting And Very Easy Sound

Awesome! We just replicated Mizkif’s sound! Time for some Just Chatting? This one was very simple to do and we believe that we came pretty close to his overall sound. Mizkif has a pretty good sound and this is the mic he is using in all of his most recent videos. So, what’s the most important step to replicating Mizkif’s sound? Mic positioning.

You’re going to have to position that RE-20 a few feet away from your face in order to replicate Mizkif’s audio signature. Since the RE-20 is a dynamic mic you are probably going to want to boost the audio levels in post as well so you don’t add in a lot of preamp noise. Unless, of course, your preamps are seriously good. What’s also great about the RE-20 is it has incredible resale value so if you don’t like the mic for whatever reason many people are looking to buy it off of you for a very good price. Thanks for hanging around! Cheers and have a lovely day. Buy Mizkif’s mic here. And, check out our other news stories here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer