Best Mic For Guitar Amp 2024

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What do you look for when shopping for a mic to record your guitar amp? You are generally looking for a mic that can take a really loud pressure level without clipping. You are also looking for a mic that is nearly indestructible. That is why we recommend the Shure SM57. The Shure SM57 is a fantastic mic for recording a guitar amp. The Shure SM57 has an incredible bass response and it is has incredibly high sound pressure levels. It is very difficult to clip with this microphone which is a good thing for recording a guitar amp. Let’s dive in a bit deeper and see why the Shure SM57 is the best mic for a guitar amp.

Incredibly High Sound Pressure Levels

The Shure SM57 has a really high sound pressure level. It was designed to handle incredibly loud sound sources without distortion. The SM57 has a sound pressure level of 94 dB SPL which is very high. This is a large reason why we recommend it for guitar amps because it can handle a really loud source without clipping. Most microphones are well below the Shure in terms of the sound pressure level. We have tested the SM57 with our own guitar amp, and we never ran into any distortion issues whatsoever. It really is as advertised and we were quite impressed with how it handled the sound.

Great Midrange And Overall Sound

The SM57 has a great sound in general. We actually think that the SM57 is one of the most versatile mics ever made. We have a very high praise for this mic and that is for good reason. It just sounds really nice. The SM57 has a great midrange and a fantastic bass response. Did we mention that the SM57 takes EQ incredibly well? The SM57 is possible one of the best mics for making EQ adjustments in post. It is very easy to shape your sound to whatever you want with this microphone. There’s a reason why the SM57 is considered a workhorse in the industry. Because it is consistent and it sounds great on almost every source. The deep bass response and the strong midrange are great for capturing the sound from any guitar amp.

Is The Shure SM57 For You

Either way you slice it, the Shure SM57 is an amazing mic to have. It really is a workhorse of a microphone that many studios will still use even when they have access to much more expensive mics. We really recommend the SM57 to anyone who is thinking about recording a guitar amp. If you don’t own a good dynamic microphone yet, the SM57 is definitely a product you should be looking into. It is like the Swiss army knife of microphones. It sounds good on practically every sound source and it is virtually unbreakable. The SM57 will last you a very long time and we’re sure you would be as satisfied with it as we are. We hope this helps. Thanks for reading. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer