DBX 286s Review Amazing Sound

Buy The DBX 286s

The DBX 286s is one of the best channel strips on the market. Not only that, but it is also one of the cheapest channel strips on the market so it is quite the steal. The DBX 286s is perfect for processing dynamic mics in real time such as the SM7B or the RE20. The SM7B and the DBX 286s is the perfect combination and it really does sound amazing. The DBX 286s is a great piece of gear. Lets dive in a bit deeper and find out why the DBX 286s is so incredible.

The DBX 286s Has Lots Of Processing Options

The DBX 286s has five processing abilities. AlsoThe DBX 286s has a 80hz low pass, compression, EQ, desser, and a gate. This combination of processing options gives you so much flexibility with your sound. Dynamic mics almost always sound better with processing and the DBX 286s allows you to dial in all of these settings in real time. You wouldn’t have to ever edit in your DAW, you could just use the DBX 286s to dial in your sound and be done with it. The compression and the EQ sound really incredible as well.

The 286s Has 60dB Of Clean Gain

The DBX 286s provides 60dBs of clean gain which is more than enough for many dynamic mics such as the SM7B and the RE20. The preamps on the 286s sound incredible and it produces very little noise when the preamps are pushed to the max. The 286s provides enough clean gain for any dynamic mic you would want to use. The 286s works perfectly with the SM7B and this combination is quite common as the SM7B also benefits from the additional processing features that this channel strip has.

It Is The Cheapest Channel Strip

The DBX 286s not only has great sound, but it is one of the cheapest channel strips on the market. The DBX 286s usually sits at around $200 which is an incredible deal for a channel strip that offers 60 dB of clean gain and all of the additional processing features. In order to get a channel strip with this many features you would easily have to spend hundreds of dollars more. The 286s is one of the best deals you can get for a channel strip. Did we mention it has an incredible sound?

Who Should Get The DBX 286s

The DBX 286s is a great piece of gear for people who want to apply processing to their dynamic mics in real time. It would work really good for dynamic mics such as the RE20 and the SM7B. However, the 286s can be used with any mic, even condensers as the 286s does provide 48 volts of phantom power. The 286s is a perfect channel strip for streaming and for people who don’t want to edit their audio in post. We really can’t recommend the DBX 286s enough. It is the perfect budget channel strip that would fit many user’s needs. Thanks for reading. Check out our other news articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer