The Best Audio Interface For Streaming

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What’s the best audio interface for streaming? For streaming, we like to recommend an audio interface that allows you to upgrade your microphone in the future. Generally, we recommend an audio interface that supplies a ton of clean gain. That is why we recommend the Audient iD4, which is one of the best audio interfaces on the market. It is better than the Focusrite Scarlet Solo, but it is more expensive. However, we think that the Audient iD4 is worth the price. This audio interface has some of the best preamps we’ve ever tried and that is saying something. The Audient iD4 utilizes very similar preamps that are in the more expensive models. Lets go into more detail and see why the Audient iD4 is so incredible.

Extremely Low Noise

The Audient iD4 has an extremely low noise floor. Audient claims that the noise floor is about 30,000 times quieter than the signal level. Now, that is pretty impressive. The Audient iD4 supplies 58 dB of clean gain. And, we really do mean clean gain. Even when pushing the gain to the max, we hardly noticed any noise. This is not the case on lower end models such as the Scarlet Solo. Of course, the Audient iD4 costs more money but it definitely provides you with a better sound. This audio interface uses the Audient Console mic preamp which is the same preamp found in their more expensive models. So, you aren’t really losing anything by going with the iD4 model. The primary difference is the amount of channels, which isn’t too much of an issue for streaming.

High Quality Converters

The Audient iD4 has some of the best converters on the market. The Audient iD4 utilizes Burr-Brown converters which are known as one of the highest quality converters out there. These high quality converters make your audio quality even better. Of course, converters aren’t everything. But, when you combine these high quality converters with the high quality preamp, you have a seriously professional sound. Having the high quality preamps are definitely more important but the converters are like the cherry on top. They help take your audio to the next level. With the Audient iD4, we don’t think you’ll feel the need to upgrade your audio interface any time soon. It provides a professional sound right out of the gate.

Is The Audient iD4 Worth It

The Audient iD4 is easily one of the best audio interfaces you can buy. Given how great it sounds and how easy it is to setup, it is no question that the Audient iD4 is worth the price. We think the Audient iD4 is an incredible audio interface and it is perfect for streaming. It has two audio inputs which should be more than enough for streaming purposes. Also, the Audient iD4 provides a great upgrade path later on if you want to upgrade your microphone. Since it supplies 58 dB of clean gain, you should have no problem using a microphone like the SM7B. Of course, condenser microphones will have no problem working with this audio interface either. There really is no microphone that this audio interface can’t handle. We can easily recommend the Audient iD4 for streaming. We think it’s one of the best audio interfaces available. Thanks for reading. We hope this helps. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer