The Best Cloudlifter Alternative

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The Cloudlifter isn’t the only viable in-line microphone preamplifier on the market. There are actually many other choices out there that compete on the same level as the Cloudlifter for a cheaper price. So, what’s the best Cloudlifter alternative? The Triton FetHead is one of the best alternatives to the Cloudlifter. The FetHead is just as good as the Cloudlifter and it provides 27 dB of clean gain. Not only is the FetHead just as good as the Cloudlifter, it also requires less cables. The FetHead is really one of the best alternatives to the Cloudlifter. Lets dive in a little bit deeper and see why the FetHead is such an incredible deal.

Incredibly Clean Gain

The FetHead delivers 27 dB of clean gain, which is quite a bit. Combine this with some gain on your audio interface and you’re ready to use any dynamic microphone you want. Not only does the FetHead deliver 27 dB of clean gain, it also doesn’t require two XLR cables like the Cloudlifter does. The FetHead plugs directly into your mic so you only need one XLR cable to get it to work. This makes you whole setup a little bit cleaner as well since you have less cables to worry about. The noise floor is practically non-existent with the FetHead. We didn’t notice any noise during our tests with the SM7B. We were very impressed with how the FetHead performed. The 27 dB of gain is incredibly clean.

Similar Cloudlifter Quality

The Cloudlifter is known to give 25 dB of clean gain. The Cloudlifter is also known not to “color” your sound. Most of the time, if we want to color the sound of our audio, we do it in post. In our tests, we found that the FetHead didn’t color the sound either which is fantastic. The FetHead sounded practically identical to the Cloudlifter. We had a very difficult time telling which one was which. This is very telling of the quality of the FetHead. It didn’t color our sound and the gain was very clean with no audible noise. We were surprised at the quality of this preamplifer for the price.

Should You Get The FetHead

We can easily recommend getting the FetHead if you are in the market for a preamplifer. The FetHead is the best Cloudlifter alternative we have tried. Also, the FetHead is considerably cheaper than the Cloudlifter. The FetHead certainly deserves more recognition for how good it sounds. With 27 dB of clean gain, the FetHead supplies even more gain than the Cloudlifter. And on top of that, the gain on the FetHead is very clean and uncolored. We were certainly impressed with the quality of the FetHead and we are glad we found this alternative. It is a fantastic preamplifer and we’re going to be using it for a long time to come. Thanks for reading. We hope this helps. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer