What Is The Best Mic For Discord?

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What is the best mic for Discord? Technically, any microphone can sound pretty good with Discord. If you are just going to use this microphone for discord then we recommend a USB microphone as that will be the easiest to setup. During our tests, we found that the AT2020+ is the one of the best sounding USB microphones on the market. It is made by Audio-Technica and it just sounds amazing. The mic also doesn’t require any post processing to sound good. The AT2020+ just sounds incredible right out of the box. Lets dive in a bit deeper and see what amazing features this mic has to offer.

Easy To Setup

The AT2020+ is one of the easiest microphones to setup. No drivers are needed to get this bad boy to work. It’s literally plug and play and you’re good to go. Also, you don’t need any additional devices such as an audio interface. Because it’s a USB microphone, you can just plug it directly into a USB port on your computer. USB mics are perfect for users who want to achieve a really high quality sound on Discord without spending a ton of money. Since you don’t need any additional pieces of gear, the AT2020+ is an amazing value.

High Quality Audio

Even though the AT2020+ is a USB mic, it still has an incredible sound. The truth is, the AT2020+ sounds nearly identical to the XLR version of the AT2020. We’re not sure how they did it, but the AT2020+ sounds incredible for a USB microphone. The noise floor is pretty low too which seems to be a common problem with USB mics. With the AT2020+, you hardly get any noise from the mic itself. It will however, pick up noise from your room if you have any. The AT2020+ is a really high quality mic and it has a super sensitive capsule. Because of this, it picks up a lot of sounds from your room. However, we still recommend using it for Discord because of how reasonably priced it is. Unless you spend more money for a dynamic mic and an audio interface, you aren’t going to get a better sound than the AT2020+.

Should You Get The AT2020+

We really recommend getting the AT2020+ if you want a really high quality sound inside the Discord app. The AT2020+ is the perfect tool for beginners who just want their mic to work without any hassle. There is no need to be an audio expert in order to get this mic to work. You also don’t need to be an expert in order to get a fantastic sound out of this microphone. That is why we can easily recommend the AT2020+ for people who want a great sound for Discord. The AT2020+ is easy to setup and many people will love how it sounds on their voice due to how sensitive the capsule is. The AT2020+ is a fantastic mic for Discord and we think it’s a great way to upgrade your setup. Thanks for reading. We hope this helps. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby ā€“ Editor/Audio Engineer