What Mic Does Sykkuno Use?

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So, what mic does Sykkuno use? Currently, Sykkuno uses the SM7B as his primary mic. The SM7B is a renowned mic that is used by so many others such as Joe Rogan and Sodapoppin. The SM7B is a fantastic mic for streaming because of how much external noise it eliminates. The SM7B is great at eliminating room noise such as fans, mouse clicks, and keyboard clicks. The SM7B is so good at eliminating these noises because it is a dynamic mic which means it is incredibly good at picking up sound that is only directly in front of the source.

Why Does Sykkuno Use This Mic

Sykkuno uses the SM7B because it sounds incredible on the voice. The SM7B is actually used by a lot of streamers and Youtubers these days and that is primarily because it rejects room noise so well. Another reason why you see the SM7B so often is because it also takes processing extremely well. The SM7B is one of the best mics at taking processing that we have ever tested. People can rely on the SM7B as it is one of the most well built pieces of audio equipment ever made. Seriously, the SM7B is like a brick, this thing will not break. There’s a reason it has become the industry standard for vocal applications.

What Do You Need In Order To Use The SM7B

In order to use the SM7B you need an audio interface. We recommend buying the Audient iD4 but the Scarlet Solo is also a good option. The Audient iD4 is slightly more money but it has better preamps than the Scarlet Solo so it will introduce less noise. Both preamps provide a lot of gain but the preamps on the Audient iD4 are higher quality and will introduce less noise when pushed to the max. Since the SM7B uses a ton of gain in order to get it to audible levels, the Audient iD4 will provide you with slightly higher quality sound with less noise. However, both audio interfaces are fantastic and you really can’t go wrong with either one.

Is The SM7B Right For Me

The SM7B is one of the best mics for podcasting and streaming. If the SM7B is in your budget, then we really cannot recommend this mic enough. It is perfect for live streaming because of its excellent room rejection. However, it is a costly mic so if you are buying this mic you should be serious about your audio quality. The SM7B is an incredible mic for streaming and we believe that it is simply one of the best mics for that purpose. If you are on a budget check out our SM7B alternative mic which sounds almost exactly like the SM7B. Thanks for reading. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer