What Mic Does TommyInnit Use?

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What mic does TommyInnit use? TommyInnit currently uses the AKG P120. The AKG P120 is a professional grade large diaphragm condenser mic that sounds fantastic. It’s ruggedly built with an all metal body and it should be able to last a very long time. The mic has a 2/3-inch diaphragm and it is a true condenser microphone so this mic can deliver professional level results with ease. The AKG P120 delivers an incredibly clear sound which is perfect for streaming and recordings for some professional projects. Lets dive in a little bit deeper and see why TommyInnit uses the AKG P120.

Superb Sounding Audio

The AKG P120 was designed to record vocals and it simply sounds fantastic. We noticed that vocals are full bodied with a large amount of warmth. The AKG P120 also sounds amazing on many other sources too such as drums, acoustic guitar, and piano. The P120 is just an excellent microphone in general and you won’t be disappointed with its sound. The AKG P120 has a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. This frequency response pretty much covers all of the frequencies that you would ever need. This mic compares favorably to more expensive mics such as the AT2035. We found that the AKG P120 punches well above its price range. It’s a great sounding mic for the price and it can easily compete with some more expensive microphones.

Fantastic Build Quality

The build quality of this microphone is nothing short of amazing. The body of the microphone is made out of an all metal construction. It is built with high quality materials that seem like they will last a long time. This microphone should be able to last you many years before it starts to wear down. The microphone also comes with many helpful switches on it to further control some of the settings. For instance, the P120 has a switchable bass-cut filter. The bass-cut filter is really useful for cutting out a lot of the low end frequencies which tend to build up if you are close to the microphone. The bass-cut filter also eliminates a lot of the rumble and footfall noise from the recordings as well. The P120 also has a switchable attenuation pad which is useful for recording really loud instruments such as the drums or electric guitar.

Is The AKG P120 A Good Choice

The P120 is a fantastic microphone for recording sound from all kinds of different sources. We thought it sounded the best on the voice so vocal applications are where this microphone shines. We really recommend this mic for people who are looking for a good mic for streaming or some other form of content creation such as YouTube. There’s a pretty good reason why TommyInnit uses this microphone and that’s because it sounds great for vocals. The P120 is an XLR mic so you will need an audio interface such as the Scarlet Solo in order to get it to work. However, we still believe that the cost of entry is worth it. For under $200, you get a professional sound that competes with the best of the best. Once you try this mic, it will be difficult to go on without it. Thanks for reading. We hope this helps. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer