RE20 vs Shure SM7B Comparison

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What is the difference between the RE20 and the SM7B? Well, they are more similar than they are different. Both the RE20 and SM7B are dynamic mics and they both require a ton of clean gain. The primary difference between the SM7B and the RE20 is that the SM7B picks up more low end than the RE20 does. The RE20 was designed to get rid of the proximity effect no matter how close you are to the mic. However, the SM7B was not designed this way. The SM7B was designed to pick up a lot more of those lower end frequencies.

What Type Of Voice Works Better For Either Mic

The RE20 typically tends to work better for lower pitched voices. This is because it doesn’t pick up a lot of low end frequency so it doesn’t get too muddy for people who have deeper voices. The SM7B tends to work better for higher pitched voices as you can get right up on the microphone and have a nice proximity effect which can make your voice sound warmer. This works better for higher pitched voices because it tames those higher end frequencies and makes your voice sound more pleasing to the ears.

I’m Still Confused What Mic Should I Get

If you have a deeper voice, we recommend you get the RE20. Also, if you have a higher pitched voice we recommend you look into the SM7B. If you still can’t decide which one you want, just go for the SM7B because it’s normally $50 cheaper than the RE20. We doubt the majority of people would be able to tell the difference between the two mics in a blind test. Both of the mics will deliver a professional level sound, so we recommend buying whichever one is cheaper for you. Thanks for reading. We hope this helped! Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer