What Mic Does PewDiePie Use In 2024?

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So, what mic does PewDiePie Use? In PewDiePie’s most recent videos he can be seen using two different mics. The first mic is a shotgun mic called the Rode NTG4. This is a very flexible mic that can be used up close or really far away due to it’s sensitive capsule. The second mic that PewDiePie has been using lately is the RE320. The RE320 is a dynamic mic that you often see radio hosts and Twitch streamers use. The RE320 is primarily used because it is so good at rejecting background noise. Let’s dive in a little bit deeper here so you can find out which mic would be better for you.

The Rode NTG4 Shotgun Mic

The Rode NTG4 is a shotgun mic that is fantastic at recording from a distance. The NTG4 is great if you want to record some things for film or if you want to record without having the mic in the camera shot. However, the NTG4 is very versatile. Not only can the NTG4 be used from a distance, it can also be used up close as we see with PewDiePie’s videos. The Rode NTG4 is perfect if you want the ultimate Swiss army knife of microphones. Also, with the NTG4 you don’t have to worry about having always having the microphone right in front of you, which is a very nice thing to have.

The Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Mic

The Electro-Voice RE320 is a dynamic microphone that PewDiePie can be seen using in some of his most recent videos. The RE320 is an amazing microphone for rejecting room noise. If you have a lot of room echo or if you have a lot of noise such as fan noise, the RE320 would be a great option for you. The RE320 is really great at rejecting these noises because it is a dynamic microphone with a very tight polar pattern. The RE320 only picks up sound that is directly in front of the mic which allows it to reject a lot of external noises.

What Do You Need In Order To Use These Mics

In order to use these mics, you need an audio interface like the Scarlet Solo. These mics plug directly into the Scarlet Solo and then the Scarlet Solo plugins into your computer. The Scarlet Solo is a great beginner audio interface and it should last you a very long time before you feel any need to upgrade.

Which Mic Should You Get

We recommend that you pick up the NTG4 if you plan on recording audio from a distance. This mic will allow you to be the most versatile. However, if you don’t have any plans for recording from that far, we recommend picking up the RE320 as this mic rejects much more background noise than the NTG4. Also, the RE320 gives you a more focused sound. This can be more beneficial if you are using the mic up close. Both mics will give you an excellent sound and you really can’t go wrong with either one. We hope this helped. Thanks for reading. Check out our other articles here.

Thomas Shelby – Editor/Audio Engineer